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The Business Circle Success and Mastermind Membership Program




This is a completely new kind of Business Development Program, which combines high-quality information with a unique mix of:

    • live group training
    • confidential Round Table events
    • one-on-one mentoring
    • and more………..

There is nothing else like this on the Bellarine for small business owners.

The Business Circle is designed to close the gap between knowledge and implementation, so that you can market, systemise and grow your business.

There is also an unprecedented level of personal support for you throughout your membership via:

    • bi-monthly Round Tables
    • email
    • private Facebook page
    • group and one-on-one coach and mentoring.

Sarah, yesterday’s round table was amazing and absolutely priceless! Can’t wait to discuss everything tomorrow. ~ Erin, The Health Creation Centre

Who is it for?

This is not for everyone, however if you are clever, creative, talented and skilled and you are passionate about what you do – and driven to increase your results then this is for you. It’s also for you if you are not afraid of a challenge and know it’s time for life on your terms.


Sarah Valentine with members of the Business Circle supporting Elicia Crook from Ocean Grove Remedial Massage Centre at the 2013 Geelong Business Excellence Awards.

What problems does it solve?

There is so much information out there that it can get confusing, overwhelming and so often it isn’t related to you and your business needs. This Program is specifically designed to cut through to the core of YOUR business and provide you with an easy to follow model for success and at the same time have access to ongoing mentoring to ensure you get the results you want.


The Round Tables are a valuable source of motivation, education and support. Just when I think I know what my business goals are, Sarah inspires me with her insight and passion. I am grateful that I am part of a dynamic and inspirational group that is helping me to grow both personally and professionally. ~ Adrienne, Ocean Grove Chinese Medicine

The Business Circle focuses on 4 Keys to Successful Business

1. Head for Success

Heading for a successful business requires adopting the right head for business. We move from a technician mindset to a business owner mindset.

2. Vision for Success

Knowing where you are going with your business and why you are doing what you are doing is the key to keeping the passion alive and naturally others will want to be a part of it. Clear mission, vision and values are created and clear goals and planning are aligned with the mission. Goals are regularly evaluated, monitored and adapted.

3. Marketing for Success

The right marketing tools are critical in building a successful business. Over the 12 months plenty of tips and tools are given and also complimentary ongoing review of your marketing copy.

4. Blueprint for Success

The one thing that will slow your business down as you grow is the lack of systems and procedures. We systemise the business as we go to ensure smooth growth.

What do I get?

Business Strategy Session 

Kick off session to review your current business and set personalised
goals for your membership

Live Training

Live training days focusing on the Keys to Successful Business

Bi-Monthly Round Tables

Full day every 2 months! Round Table Check In. In this confidential environment you bring your challenge or idea for the group to brainstorm together. Small group environment guaranteed.

Unlimited Email Support

Email your questions, marketing copy or share a success to a private email address and you will have a response within 48 hours (excl weekends).

MasterMind Monthly Coaching Sessions

Monthly check-ins to ensure you are keeping on track and achieving exceptional results

Private Online Membership

Everything you need is all on a private online membership site


The Business Circle Membership offers 2 levels – Success and MasterMind. If you are determined to increase your results and live life on your terms and love a challenge then this is for you!


Curious to have a chat and learn more…….sure,  Contact us today for a NO OBLIGATION chat to see if this is right for you.